Sunday, December 27, 2009

Indiana Christmas

Christmas in Indiana was a blast!

Cookie is Jon's childhood dog, and poor girl may not be around too much longer... she's sweet though, and will eat anything in the world!! (Will add a video to show)
My mother-in-law is so sweet... she always gets us fun presents for Christmas morning, and I almost feel like a kid again... my favorite gift this Christmas was not one that I got, but one that she received... a steel drum... oh how fun! What a unique gift!! It was fun hearing those Jamaican sounds again... reminded me of my honeymoon!

Oh, brothers! David, William, and Jon ~ all grown up... well most of the time anyway! :)

Me and Jon on Christmas morning in Indiana... we had so much fun visiting with the Coonce side - is such a precious time that we have to savor, since we only get there every couple of months.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Fun!

Shout out to Becky for the awesome sweater!! (She used to wear that UT sweater w/ pride... and the one that Rich has on too!)

Tacky Christmas parties are the best! Here are just a few pictures from our little Christmas shin-dig... Dana officially took home best costume for the ladies... and it was close for the guys... Rich and Braton were both pretty classic!! Love my friends!! :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My debut on TV :)

I had a very exciting opportunity today that I wanted to share. Better Nashville (Channel 4) invited Mercy Ministries to be on the show, so I was very fortunate to get to share just a little part of my testimony today! Holly Thompson is such a nice lady, and it was exciting to be able to share, in hopes that someone might find the help they need. So, here is the link! It's about a 5 minute blurb, and also gave us a chance to plug the Merry Mercy Benefit that takes place tomorrow night.