Thursday, March 3, 2011

Getting Ready for Baby Coonce!!

That's right friends! We are going from 2 to 3! We are so excited for the new addition to the Coonce Family! Boy or girl, no one knows... but we are trusting the Lord for whatever is best! :) We are due August 21st, and it seems like everyone we know is having a baby right now too... lots of new additions, which is exciting for all!
I am SO horrible at keeping up with this - especially right now because we don't have internet at home! BUT I promise I am going to be better about it as we get closer to welcoming our little one into the world!
We got our crib recently which was so fun! God totally provided such a cute ccrib for such an AMAZING price! He is such a good provider! And we are definitely trusting Him as we seek out some type of daycare! If anyone has any suggestions, PLEASE let me know! :) We are on 3 waiting lists, but we really need something as affordable as possible!
As we get ready for this big change in our lives, please pray for us as parents... since we have no clue what it will be like! My sweet hubby is a little nervous about being Daddy, I think. :)
More to come soon! We will be working on getting a nursery going and my goal is to post updates!
Trying to pick out fabrics and colors right now ~ so torn... I love the blues... but who knows, maybe green... I need a designer to help me!!! SO not good at envisioning!

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