Sunday, May 2, 2010

Flood waters in Franklin - State of Emergency

It saddens me to say that are sweet little town is in for some major work ahead! The area has been delcared a disaster area and I hope FEMA comes in to assist! Many that have been flooded do not have flood insurance! This is the worst flood my 64 year old dad has ever seen, and he has seen a few! There are areas flooded that you would never think would have been! I've seen it on the news, but to see this in real life is just crazy! I'm so sad for those who have lost everything, but it reminds me of one thing - we can't take it with us when it's our time to go... I know that's probably easy for me to say, since I haven't lost anything really, but it's true. Still praying for everyone who is affected by this!
Below: One of Jon's favorite homes in Franklin (I think Dana's too) on 7th and Fair
& The back of my mom's neighborhood


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  2. So sad. Can't believe that pic of the cleaners. Glad y'all are okay... beth